Community feature: Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland

Three Staff Offers works with a number of charities enabling their members to enjoy discounted mobile phone tariffs. Recently we were proud to welcome the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI) to our community.

Formed in Claremorris in 1970, the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI) has done much unsung work towards improving mobility and accessibility services for the disabled. The DDAI acts as an advocate for people, in areas ranging from employment to driving. It provides services to help the mobility impaired learn to drive, along with assessment and support, and an information service. It also provides training in areas such as IT and employment skills at its Ability Enterprises centre in Ballindine Co Mayo.


Disabled drivers can also apply for the EU Disabled Driver’s Permit through the DDAI. Indeed, long before this permit was established the DDAI worked with the Gardaí to ensure that its members could park in otherwise restricted areas.


And it doesn’t stop there – the DDAI has also been instrumental in making mobility easier off the road. A growing number of shopping centres now have a ‘Shop Mobility’ unit, a fantastic initiative which allows members to (free of charge) loan wheelchairs and mobility scooters for a few hours to make their shopping experience that bit easier.

All in all a great organisation which Three Staff Offers is happy to share the benefits with. For more information on the DDAI, visit


Niall Kelly – Marketing Executive, Totterdells