Currently the best business phones


There’s a huge amount of technical experience in Totterdells, it’s one of the reasons so many people use our services, so we thought we’d ask 3 of our tech team (Trevor, Cain and Jarek) to give their view on what the best phone for business is right now. Here’s what they had to say:



It has to be the Samsung S6. There’s a whole raft of reasons why this is the best business phone right now. Here’s a few:

• You get 115GB free cloud storage- That’s huge. It’s great for storing important files/spreadsheets but also being able to share business content documents from anywhere with colleagues who can edit or add to. Great for group projects without having to be in same place

•Ultra-power saving mode. This is a great feature if your battery running low. You effectively turn your Smartphone in to a featured phone giving only call and text capabilities while expanding the battery life from 30 minutes to last for another 12 hours, great when you find yourself stuck.

• Nice 5.1 inch display with a slim physique so the phone boasts both power on a great display and avoids being cumbersome. Larger than this and it starts becoming a phone where two hands are needed to work the functions. Samsung have done a really good job on functionality and aesthetics.

•  Octocore processor coupled with 3GB of ram puts power in to the hand of the user bringing multi-tasking to a new level. The speed of use is excellent. There are no long pauses while your smartphone tries to update a spreadsheet or file. It’s pretty much seamless.

•Wireless charging capabilities so you are never tied down.

• The S6 comes packed with great features like active noise cancellation so no more running to find a quiet spot to take that important business call. Overall it’s just a really great smartphone.



The Samsung S6 is a really nice phone but I think you should be reversing the letter and number. The iPhone 6S has to be the ultimate business phone right now. Where do I start with all the great features:

  • Firstly, like all iPhone its runs on the most stable operating system in the market, IOS. It effectively means seamless transfer and syncing between devices, something the Android devices still has trouble with and when you’re in business and under pressure you just want things to work quickly.


  • The processor has been improved hugely, even since the iPhone 6 came out. This improvement means apps perform quicker, documents can be amended quicker etc. It really does outperform its rivals.


  • It’s Fully compatible with Microsoft applications (word ,excel, power point) It’s worth mentioning because in the past these applications really wouldn’t have worked well on an iPhone. Nowadays that just isn’t the case so even if your colleague sends through a spreadsheet you can easily and quickly modify and send back.


  • 3D touch – this is a new feature and like most things that Apple do it’s really simple to use. It allows you to ‘peek’ at anything store on your phone from the home screen without having to go further into the phone to find what you want. Then once you’ve found what it is you were looking for you can press harder on the screen and ‘pop’ into that item directly. It’s so slick to use and can save loads of time rummaging through folders.


  • The camera has been bulked up to 12MP. It’s still short of others on the market, but the reality is with the improved screen pixilation the photos you take have been massively improved and are the equal of supposedly better cameras. I know it’s not always a work function but if you need a good camera on your phone for work, the days of discounting an iPhone as not good enough have well and truly gone.


  • Add to all of this the fact that you have the access to the biggest app store, fantastic cloud services and its simplicity of use and I really believe the iPhone 6S takes top spot.


I think the lads have picked out the best overall phones. Both those phones are great, but they should be, they’re high end phones with a price tag to match, although saying that the Samsung is free on one of the major business plans. But I looked at this slightly differently. If you run a business you may want the best Samsung or Apple phone but you may also want your staff to have a decent phone at a mid-range price and that’s where I think the Samsung A3 wins out.

  • The memory is great. This is a Samsung without a fixed memory capacity like the S6 which comes in either 32GB or 64GB. The A3 starts with 16GB but can be extended using a memory card to 64GB. It means you can have plenty of memory but pay far less for that privilege!


  • Internet browsing is quick. Ok not quite as quick as the other phones mentioned but quick enough that you’d struggle to notice the difference unless you had the two phones side by side.


  • You get decent rear and front facing cameras. 8MP and 5MP. You may not need to be taking selfies for work but your staff are going to be using this phone outside of work as well so no harm in providing them with a phone that covers social use as well.


  • The feature I like most is that you can customise the screen. It just means the most useful or commonly used info can be held on the main screen allowing you easy access. It’s very simple to set up. We often carry this out for customers when we’re doing face to face visit to set up phones.


  • The phone is a good size. With a 4.5” screen, it’s not cumbersome. It looks great as it’s slim yet feels sturdy in your hand and the price tag means it is very affordable for a business, especially if buying multiple phones for members of staff. As a mid-range phone I don’t think it can be beaten.


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