Powering on...

5 dos and don'ts to getting the most out of your battery...


It seems these days that smartphones are capable of doing more and more, and it doesn’t look like their potential is going to contract any time soon. The one Achilles heel they do have is battery life, with many devices struggling to get through a working day. You could go back to a feature phone (and we still stock a few). However, there are a few tips that can help you get a little bit more out of your smartphone’s battery…



1. Turn on power-saving/stamina modes – most smartphones have this function and you’ll be amazed at that little bit extra you get out of your battery.

2. Delete or at least disable apps you don’t use – this will also help improve your phone’s speed

3. Charge your phone when it gets to about 40%, letting it run down to 0% is ok now and then but we would not recommend letting this happen too often.

4. Download software updates as they become available – software engineers take battery performance into account in updates so it’s best to refine as you go.

5. Use darker screen backgrounds if you can – brighter ones use up more battery power.



1. Leave Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, etc, on when you don’t need it. It continues to use battery when you’re not making use of it – you wouldn’t leave the tap running when you don’t need water would you?

2. Keep your cover on the phone while charging – it causes the handset to heat up which can negatively impact battery performance.

3. Leave Social Media notifications on all the time – they just drain battery and in any case can be very distracting!

4. Use cheap chargers of unknown origin. We’re not saying you have to use one from your phone’s manufacturer but at least use a charger from a reputable manufacturer such as Belkin.

5. Have your phone on vibrate all day – it may be quiet but all that shaking about uses up a lot of battery power!


The above tips are a good guide but it’s also well worth investing in a battery pack/powerbank, a portable capacitor that allows you to recharge your smartphone on the go. A good one will give you two charges – have a look in our accessory catalogue.


Niall Kelly – Marketing Executive, Totterdells