Face to Face

Face to Face visits are on the increase. We chat to our tech team to find out why there's a rise in business visits.

Why do we carry out Face to Face visits?

With smartphones becoming more sophisticated, customers are increasingly finding it difficult to make their new phones sync with, what is invariably, several different software office systems so that they can get their emails, log into private databases or web portals etc. These phones are powerful computers nowadays and having someone go through the features of the phone to ensure you make the most of them is vital.


What type of customer requires a face to face?

There isn’t one type of customer who requests a face to face. Most have multiple staff members with new phones and want to ensure their phones are set up correctly and that they know how to use it. This avoids the Owner, IT Manager or Office Manager having to spend time with each member of staff setting up everything for them. Along with avoiding hassle and the time saving to them personally, they also have the peace of mind that a phone expert has made staff aware of every aspect of the phone which avoids issues at a later date. There’s a huge cost saving in time all round.


Why not talk through the phone set up over the phone?

How many people read the instruction books that come with the phone? The reality is we all tend to just turn them on a get started and then trouble shoot as we go along which isn’t a very efficient use of time. Visually seeing how to make the best of the phone and having any queries answered means you avoid mistakes being made like losing data or contacts, it’s the nightmare scenario for most people. I’ve heard so many stories, while on visits, of customers losing vital data when trying to sync the new phone with the old phones data. Nothing worse than loosing data, pictures, contacts and much more when things aren’t set up correctly.


Could people just visit a high street phone retail store?

Yes they could, but I think most companies realise that the level of expertise in store to set up and sync data etc is , in general, fairly poor. In fairness, the staff are geared to selling phones not solving tech issues. You also have to visit the store, wherever it may be. We visit your premises no matter where it is, so there’s added convenience and peace of mind, both of which save you money in the long run and avoids hassle and staff issues.


Can you sum up why customers should use face to face visits?

It comes down to 4 reasons:

1)      To avoid hassle and stress of setting up the phones for staff.

2)      It’s convenient to do. We visit you.

3)      It means people are up and running with their phones immediately, saving time and money

4)      Peace of mind – you know your staff have been properly trained, all information from old phones has been saved/transferred and all emails, databases, web portals, shared notes etc and properly synched for immediate use.


Still not sure whether a face to face visit is right for you? Here’s just a few of the 100% positive customer comments made during this month's visits:


“Service perfect, brilliant and professional”.

“Excellent work, saved hours of time. great job”.

“Very happy and pleased with service”.

“Top class”

“Very happy great service”


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