Google Maps introduces a useful feature for commuters

This week Google Maps have launched a really useful new update on the Android version of the app. The aim is to make real-time information more easily accessible in the main interface. All you have to do is swipe up on the home screen and three new tabs called ‘Places’, ‘Traffic’ and ‘Transit’ will appear. However, it's worth noting that companies are competing to be on the short list, which may skew the results. None the less it is a very handy feature from a travel point of view.

Take a look at these new features:

In the ‘Places’ tab Google will suggest restaurants and places to eat in terms of categories such as best lunches, best dinners, cheap restaurants, etc. You will also be able to view nearby places such as ATMs, shops, petrol stations, etc.

The second tab, ‘Traffic’ will provide real-time updates on traffic conditions and travel times. This will be particularly handy in rush hour traffic. If you have locations saved as work and home the app will tell you how long it will take to travel to or from these places. 

The third tab, ‘Transit’, is designed for commuters. This section will show which bus or train to take and the estimated duration of the journey.

Most of the features demonstrated in this update are already available on Google Maps, however this is just making them more accessible for users.

This feature is currently only being launched for Android, but is expected to be available for iOS soon if it is successful.


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Karissa McEneff,

Marketing Executive


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