Health and fitness apps for your smartphone



Smartphone apps have revolutionised the way we work and play. Some might argue that this is not always a positive thing, allowing work to encroach on our personal lives, and vice versa. But it has to be said they can play a major role in boosting our health awareness. Let’s have a look at some apps that can help improve and maintain your health, whether at work or at play.

Noom Coach (Android, iOS) encourages a gradual approach to a healthier diet, giving you a tailored insight into calorie consumption and exercise log. You can set weight loss goals and it offers realistic steps towards achieving these.

Calorie Counter, by MyFitnessPal is another option, allowing you to log calories taken daily and this is available for Windows Phone as well as Android and iOS.

RunKeeper is one of a variety of activity tracking apps. Whether you’re into running, cycling, swimming, or just want to find out how far you walk to work, RunKeeper (gives you the distance travelled, calorie burn and time). You can add friends and link it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It’s a fun, almost addictive way to keep tabs on your daily exercise and you can set goals and watch your progress over time.

While RunKeeper is only available for Android and iOS, Windows Phone users shouldn’t despair – Fitbit Tracker is a viable alternative that also allows you to track activities, distances and calories burned. It’s fully compatible with Calorie Counter as well.

Getting stressed out a lot? MindShift (Android, iOS) is designed to help people cope with anxiety in various forms, whether you’re a bit of a perfectionist or get nervous in a social situation, MindShift is full of helpful tips to ensure you can control your anxiety and not the other way around.

Having trouble getting a good night’s sleep? There are even apps that can help this! Sleep Better (Android, iOS) gradually establishes an optimal alarm time by monitoring your twists and turns, and your input on how your sleep felt. You can also input your caffeine intake! It’s amazing what a difference all these little factors can make towards a refreshing sleep!

Niall Kelly – Marketing Executive, Totterdells