Huawei P8 Review



The first thing you notice about the Huawei P8 is its refined exterior metal case and its slim profile. It's easy to grip and feeling distinctly premium. The phone looks gorgeous with a design that leaves nothing protruding. The device sits flat on any surface without the camera hump found on so many phones

It has a clear  5.2-inch Full HD display using an IPS-NEO panel with a deep bezel that makes more a smooth, seamless transition from frame to screen.

The company really seems to have put a lot of effort in power management and optimization. With an overall endurance rating of 64 hours, you can rely on two days of average usage on a single charge, outperforming most others in this area.

The Video playback has also been optimized and is now a lot more power-efficient, giving us over 9 hours of playback.This means you can watch video easily without killing off the battery and with the firm claiming best-in-class OIS (optical image stabilisation) and the world's first four colour RGBW imaging sensor which improves brightness in high contrast conditions, reduces noise in low light and produces vivid pictures with more natural colours, the visual experience is excellent.

A new feature is the Voice Wake Up. This allows you to say a pre-determined phase for your phone to recognise and then call out to tell you where it is. Once the phone has registered your voice you can then call out to your phone is misplaced and it will alert you to where it is. It could potentially be a handy feature if you’re on the absent minded side.

Overall the P8 is a definite improvement on the P7. It excels in looks and performance and will definitely make market share inroads into the high end device market. With Huawei just recently becoming the 3rd largest mobile device seller in the world, it’s time to take them seriously as a great alternative to Samsung or Apple.

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