Huawei Y5 Review




The Huawei Y5 may well mark a shift in what people consider an entry level smartphone. It’s packed full of features which would not look out of place in some high end phones.


The main camera is a reasonable 5MP but with the added bonus of a flash. There is also a smaller 2MP front facing camera for the now obligatory selfies. The 4.5” screen is very much in the mid-range size but with clean and crisp viewing it has a distinct advantage over other phones in the price range.


The 8GB memory can be boosted with an SD card of up to 32GB. It’s probably more than adequate for this device but it is some way short of the 64GB or 128GB capability most phones are aiming for. What Huawei do very well is providing good battery life. The Y5 has a 1730mAh battery which allows it to easily remain charged through a reasonably busy days use.


Finally the 1.2GHz Quad core processor means it is a sleek functioning phone. There is no wow factor with this phone but what you do get is an excellent entry level phone with a decent specification for great value. It certainly gets the thumbs up from the Totterdells tech team.


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