LG's New Curved Technology - Doubling The Edge Over Samsung?

Last week at CES 2015 - Technology giants and enthusiasts from around the world gathered at Las Vegas Nevada, to marvel at the latest technological advancements in the world. 

CES 2015 Logo

LG electronics curved technology has been at the forefront of the company’s latests innovations. LG now boast - “the world’s first curved and flexible phone” with the state-of-the-art LG G-Flex.

The G Flex is specially designed to tailor the natural shape of the human hand and align to the contours of your face, even the new long-lasting 3,500 mAh capacity Li-Polymer battery, has even been created to actually mould to the shape of the phones flexible design.


Samsung have rivalled the LG G-Flex, with the "curvaceous" Galaxy Note 4 edge. This Smartphone has a curved edge screen on one-side, which has the ability to display notifications, app shortcuts and other information. This phone has recently become available in America, with Verizon, but this feat of engineering does not come cheap, with an $800 price tag. All other aspects of the Smartphone are essentially the same as its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, so the substaintial price is a little hard to justify.     

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

At CES 2015, LG Displays -- not to be out done – unveiled the first doubled edged Smartphone, the LG G-Flex 2. The most distinguishable new feature (excluding the extra edge) is the new OLED display when compared against the previous G Flex, which delivers richer colours, deeper blacks and is thinner and lighter than liquid crystal display (LCD)

The LG have also reduced the screen size of the G-Flex 2 to 5.5”, as a reference, this is the same size as the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. This was in correlation to claims the G-Flex was difficult to handle. LG have also included a dual guard system to increase the screen impact resistance to potential drops or falls – which is vital considering the size and value of the screen.

LG G-Flex 2

Another excellent protective function is the cases; slick protective “self healing” coating on the back of the phone, which has the ability to mend itself from everyday scuffs and scratches – Very cool right?

LG G-Flex 2 Protective cover

The demo G-Flex 2 on displayed at CES 2015, were not installed with the full operating system, so it is difficult to evaluate, as there have been claims of lagging in the UI (user interface). LG are currently mass producing this phone and should become available in the UK and Ireland in the coming months.

We would love to know your thoughts on curved and edge screens and to whether you think they are a quirky and unique feature or something that will add practical value to modern smart phones?

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Michael Dowling, Digital Marketing, Totterdells.