LinkedIn as a business tool?

To make the most of LinkedIn for your business, you really need to start by working hard on your profile. Here’s 6 tips to ensure when you’re viewed by others they want to connect with you:

1)      Always have the industry you work in as part of your profile title. By putting e.g. telecommunications down on your profile, those who search for people within that industry can find you easily.

2)      Join groups that not only match your industry but also those of your target customers. By joining your own industry groups you can keep abreast of the latest thinking and trends. If you also join groups where your target customers may be you can get an understanding of problems they may face and therefore be able to offer solutions.

3)      Ensure you contribute to the groups you join. This is vital especially for groups where your target customers may be. If you can build a reputation for being helpful and insightful your target audience will learn to trust you and look for your advice.

4)      Be sure you include keywords in your profile to ensure you are found when people are using advanced search. If you’re the owner of a computer company, then ensuring words like ‘computers’ ‘cloud storage’, ‘computer repairs’, back up is vital should someone be looking for that service via LinkedIn.

5)      Add rich media to your profile. Logos, links to video and pdfs can make your profile far more dynamic and therefore it will be working a lot harder for you when people are viewing it.

6)      Reorder your top skills – you can change the order of your top skills on your profile to best present what you are.


These changes can be made without all your current contacts knowing about it. This is handy as if you need to make numerous changes they may not all take place at once; if all your contacts were advised every time you make a change it could get very annoying! If you go into settings – privacy controls – turn on/off your activity broadcast and turn off the broadcast while you are making the changes, then no one sees. You can then turn it back on after the changes.


How hard is your profile working for you?


Gary Berney – Marketing Manager, Totterdells