Must have apps for business & lifestyle

Best smartphone apps for business and lifestyle

We take a look at some of the best apps out there to help you better blend business with your lifestyle.

TripIt – Travel Organizer

TripIt is a great app for those of you who travel a lot. TripIt makes it easier to organize your travel itineraries and information.  When you receive confirmation e-mails from the different services that you book with, you simply forward them to

TripIt recognises reservations from over 3,000 booking sites including concerts and restaurants on your evening itinerary when travelling. You can share trip plans through e-mail, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts.  By organizing your travel information, the app can help you avoid missing a flight or forgetting the car rental service that you have a reservation with. Everything you need for your trip is in one place and easy to find.



I’m sure most people will have heard of Dropbox by now. It’s one of the most popular cloud storage companies and offers you 2GB of storage for free. This is not a bad level of storage, although you can ‘earn’ extra storage by automatically syncing photos and video to Dropbox. The best part is you automatically have files synced as you edit them. It means you can work off a document anywhere in the world and pick up on its details whenever and wherever you like; you can share it with colleagues too if you’re collaboratively working on some files. There is a paid version if you need a large amount of storage space but most people manage to stick within the free limit. The Dropbox app is compatible with Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and the Kindle Fire making it hugely accessible for your whole company, irrespective of your colleagues’ device of choice.



Hot5 is a fitness app, containing pages of 5 minute video workouts of every variety and difficulty level to improve your core, flexibility, strength and stamina. It is really simple to use with great graphics that make navigation to the exercises you wish to work on very easy. Therefore, you don’t have to be tech savvy to use it.

The videos are well produced and instructions for each exercise clear and concise.  You can either take the exercises and add them to your own routines or follow a complete fitness workout.  It’s easy to mix and match the workout to create your own routines so you can shake up what you’re doing and make the most of your time. From beginners to fitness fanatics you’ll find something to use in this app. Add all of that to the fact that it’s free (there’s no paid content that you have to upgrade to) and you can see why it’s a useful app to have. Compatibility: iPhone; Cost: Free



Pocket. You’re looking at an interesting article online or a video on YouTube but have to get off the DART, commuter train or bus to get to work.  When you get back to looking at online content later you’ve forgotten the article or can’t find where it is. This app simply allows you to find articles, videos, and other content online that you didn’t have time to look at right then and there. Pocket is a place for you to save content for later. It organises the content you save in an easy to search way, so that when you finally have a minute you can head to Pocket and check out what you found. The app works on your phone, tablet, and computer, so you can save something on your phone, but read it later on your laptop. Pocket is even integrated into apps you already use like Twitter, making quick saving easy. Compatibility: iPhone, Android; Cost: Free


And finally…

An American mum has invented the app ‘ignore no more’. Quite simply, if a parent calls their child and doesn’t get a reply it locks the child’s phone and will not allow them to make any other call apart from 911 (emergency services in the US) or a call to his/her parent. Once the call to his/her parents has taken place the phone unlocks and they can resume normal phone functions. It’s one way of making sure your son or daughter picks up your calls so that you know where they are! Only available in the US, it’s expected to be a huge worldwide hit, so keep an eye out for euro versions soon enough.