Samsung Tab A Review


         The Samsung Tab A 9.7" reviewed

While it’s not the most bespoke of devices, the metal casing gives the Samsung Galaxy Tab A that all important first impression of a premium feel. It doesn’t disappoint on the ergonomics front either – the volume rocker and power button are conveniently located on the right hand side for ease of access. Weighing in at around 450g it’s not too heavy in your hands, and quite slight too.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A has a resolution of 1024x768 in a 4:3 ratio – this in itself is a step away from the more common 16:10 ratio, but makes this an ideal tablet for reading e-books, etc. It’s not necessarily the best display out there, and while this is not a tablet for gaming, if you want a device to watch movies on, read e-books and generally browse, you won’t be disappointed.

The Battery is a 6000 mAh unit. We can’t fault it, you’ll have no problem streaming a few movies without a recharge, nor should you have trouble getting through a day of basic tasks.

The powerhouse of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a Snapdragon 410 unit, running Android Lollipop OS. We’re not going to lie, it’s not the best performer out there, and if you’re looking to play graphic-intensive games this is not the tablet for you. It does, however, handle day to day tasks quite well, even movies and basic games aren’t a problem. But watch your app count – most devices will gradually slow and stutter as the weight of app demand increases. Memory wise you have 16GB internal RAM, but this is explainable up to 128GB via means of a Micro SD card.

As is now standard, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A comes with a front facing 2MP camera in addition to its primary unit (5MP, with Autofocus). They’re nothing spectacular, but should suffice if you’re just looking to take basic snaps and a fan of video calls.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is an ideal device for getting your day to day work tasks while being just as functional as a family unit. It has its limits so, as mentioned earlier, don’t expect to get heavy gaming usage out of it. But if you want a device that lets you keep on top of your emails, office tasks and kick-back in the evening, you could do far worse than pick up a Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

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