Wearables – exciting times ahead

Once Apple get into a tech area, the hype alone will drive sales of other devices, so we took note when they announced the Apple watch would be coming soon. Wearables are already here, Nike, Samsung and Google are some of the well-known brands in this space and a lot of money is being invested in the wearables future.

Wearables are certainly going to become a part of our everyday life. From a health point of view they allow us to track our heart rate, steps taken, distances travelled, sleep pattern etc. This means we have the chance to measure our fitness improvements in an easy, accessible way. But will wearables make us more productive in the office, rather than being seen as a fashion accessory.

Increased wireless connectivity has made wearable devices a useful tool. It’s been estimated that up to two thirds of the current activities we use our smartphones for will be carried out on smart wear in the near future. Sending emails, watching video and making and receiving calls are all possible now. are already funding ways to use wearables to carry out more business functions e.g. a salesperson being alerted to personalised learning on their SmartWatch. They could complete their learning, read a current case study related to one of the companies on their lead generation report, and then update their Salesforce report. No need to check the Smartphone or tablet: learning and working will both be accessible on a wearable device!

Those born after 1997, or Generation Z, expect to live in a world where wearables are commonplace to access everything, their health stats, their work, social media etc. This will bring up some efficiencies and issues.

Efficiencies - Wearables will facilitate cross training, where learning new skills and collaborating on shared projects will become far more seamless and less time consuming. Young employees are likely to want the latest addition of wearables from their employers eventually ditching the mobile as the device for work. But Generation Z may also bring their own Wearables to work and this will pose a whole new set of challenges for the company’s IT department.

Think back to what happened when companies tried to ban the use of Facebook and YouTube on desktops with strict new social media policies. Generation Z will pose a whole new set of problems, accessing sites using their wearables.  What will your company policy be?

Having lived through the rapid change that smartphones have had on our lives, these are likely to be usurped by ever more sophisticated wearables that blend life interests and work interests seamlessly on a device. There’s exciting times ahead.

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Gary Berney - Marketing Manager, Totterdells