Five apps to help your SME

5 apps to help your SME

Apps might be something you tend to associate with games and gimmicks, but there’s plenty out there for business too. From tracking time to money, check out five of our favourite apps for SMEs:



Don’t let the name fool you, this app is no joke. Ever wish you could integrate your word processing, presentations and spreadsheets on one application with ease? Enter Quip – an application that allows you to integrate these with ease. It’s ideal for preparing reports, if you change a value in the spreadsheet the associated value in the text body will automatically update. MS Office and Google Docs would want to watch out for this one. Available for Android and iOS.



Capsule is like a mini-CRM for your pocket. You can capture everything you need to know about your contacts, add notes, log emails, track bids, proposals, even share opportunities with your colleagues! And not only is it available on Android and iOS – Blackberry enthusiasts can benefit too!



Keeping tabs on your expenses can be a minefield. Mint aims to alleviate that problem. You can track your spending in detail and see where all that cash is going, it can even be interlinked with bank accounts and credit card details. It can also create graphs to visually help you analyse and forecast. Available for Android and iOS.


XE Currency

Many of you will use for checking out the latest currency updates – but did you know it’s available as an app for your phone? Not only does it give up-to-the-minute rates, it also includes historical data and stores the most recent update – so you can still recall the information when your data’s off. It’s also available on most platforms, including iOS, Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry.


Ever wonder just how much time you spend on individual tasks and projects? Working this out yourself would ironically be quite time consuming – but Toggl does this for you! It’s quick to set up, and you’ll soon be able to work out just where all that times goes, allowing you to refine your time management to optimal levels. Time is money you know. Available for Android and iOS.



Niall Kelly – Marketing Executive, Totterdells