Whet your APPetitie!

Five of our favourite lifestyle apps

In a world now dominated by an ever increasing range of smartphone apps, tailored to all aspects of both our business and personal lives, the day may come when we wonder how we ever managed without them. Let’s take a look at our five favourite apps this month.



Ever wonder just how much time you spend on your smartphone? QualityTime allows you track your usage, providing you with daily and monthly summaries. You can even set restrictions and alarms to monitor your usage, be it business or pleasure. The basic version allows you to backtrack your last six months, and you can migrate your account to a new device without losing this data. Available on Android, worth a look – the insights may surprise you!


Sleep Better

In today’s on-the-go business environment it can be difficult enough balancing work and leisure, let alone getting a good night's sleep. Sleep Better is more than an alarm clock – it actually monitors your twists and turns during the night, and you input data on your caffeine intake, and even how you felt you slept! It uses this info towards creating an optimal alarm time so that you can feel rested. Available on iOS and Android.



Love creating things? Looking for inspiration? Whether it’s recipes or DIY, Instructables allows you to not only document your projects – you can even share them and look at others! You can enter contests too – so if you’ve a creative spark Instructables has a lot to offer. And the good news is that’s its available on Windows Phone, Android and iOS!



Calculators have long been a given even in the most basic of handsets. But this is a little different. Instead of inputting the numbers and hitting keys, this time you just scribble out a sum in your own handwriting! You don’t even need a stylus, as it can be done with your finger tips. Available on iOS and Android.


Remember to Drink

Health apps are all the rage these days, but with tea and coffee being the fuel of the corporate world, it’s often easy to forget about that most basic of elements. Remember to Drink is a Windows Phone app that helps you monitor your water intake based on gender and weight. It gives friendly reminders if you’re running below target, but don’t worry, it won’t pester you if you don’t want it to.

Niall Kelly – Marketing Executive, Totterdells