Xperia X


Sony's latest phone carries on their long tradition of providing excellence in camera quality.

totterdell's review

Xperia x

The display looks utterly fantastic, delivering almost AMOLED levels of depth and richness without appearing oversaturated. Likewise, the contrast ratio ensures that highlights and lowlights have plenty of visible detailing and shadow gradation.

The side mounted fingerprint sensor is exceedingly fast and can be more convenient than other sensors incorporated into the home button

Sony’s redesigned Android 6.0 Marshmallow interface is one of the most streamlined and slickest versions of Android out there.

The Xperia X is also a pretty capable gaming machine. It's perfectly able to play games like Hearthstone, and Sony's PS4 Remote Play feature is particularly good news for PS4 owners as well, as it means you can use your phone as a portable display when you want to stream your games around the house.

Pick up the phone and you are instantly impressed. Curved edges mean it is comfortable to hold, and the graphite metal finish manages to look elegant, but sophisticated. Weighing 152g, it feels reassuringly solid but not heavy.

If you love taking photos with your smartphone, the Sony Xperia X’s camera is packed with features to help you take great photographs. Sony’s brought its digital cameras expertise to the Xperia X, which includes a 23-megapixel camera with a high-quality bright G-Lens.

The front-facing camera will please selfie-fans. The 13-megapixels shooter is excellent even in low light, skin tones are natural and you can turn on Soft Skin Effect to smooth the skin for a more polished magazine finish.

One of the biggest gripes about smartphones from many users is their battery performance – no-one likes getting to the end of the day to find their phone battery is flat. The Xperia X has something called ‘intelligent battery management’ which helps it last up to two days - twice as long as many of its rivals.


We’re impressed with the Sony Xperia X, with advanced camera performance, a brilliant battery and 4G all in a premium body, it’s a real head turner.